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Nine examples of styles, from long and curly to bobbed and straight A tattoo'd young man and a young lady both with modern haircuts A lady in striped cycle shorts with bright red short hair A lady with short black hair, wearing a short black bodycon dress Brown's company logo

Browns Hairdressing


My hair was quite a problem

It really was a pest

All frizzy tight and curly

What should I do for the best


So I mentioned it to Brian

From Browns Salon renown

He looked and gasped in horror

Then really went to town


He used a new conception

Just over from Japan

To use me as a guinea pig

Was he's clever cunning plan


This treatment known as Yoko

Was started on my hair

With lotion wash and ironing

And lots of loving care


Five hours of sheer cosseting

Removing crinkle curl and quirk

While I in anticipation

Waited for it to work


The result was quite remarkable

Which nothing could compare

A wonderful convertion

From my dull and curly hair


My straight and shining top know

Is a monument to Brians art

Dont be afraid to start


So if you suffer badly

From dullness grime or curl

Come on down to Browns Salon

And give our Brian a whirl


From Beverley Nathan